The teacher-hating GOP extremists backed by ALEC/Koch Brothers are destroying education in this country. 

They are destroying the whole country, one issue at a time…

And we are stupid enough to keep voting them in office and letting them do it.

We get what we deserve.


youngmarxist asked:

How do you feel about anarchism? Do you think that anarchist philosophy would be more successful after an abolition of the class structure?

amodernmanifesto answered:

I think that when it comes to life after class society, the vision of the Marxist Utopia and the anarchist ideal society are really identical, in that they are classless, stateless, moneyless societies based on the collective ownership of the means of production and production for human need organised on a free and voluntary basis.

In terms of how I feel about anarchism, I am critical of it, in that I think it can take ultra-left positions (in that they posture radicalism even when such a strategy is harmful to the movement or totally abstract from the actual balance of forces) and I am sceptical of the usefulness of rejecting the state form outright. I am also sceptical about anarchist rejections of ideas of leadership in terms of class struggle.

That being said, I think to reject anarchism and anarchist thought totally is a useless shibboleth. There are plenty of important anarchist thinkers and movements that have contributed to the body of work which we can reflect on today, and should be looked at for their own merit.

I’m not an anarchist. Though, that being said, I will support any movement that I think advances our forces against those of our enemies. If an anarchist movement will do that, then I will support it, and generally I support a United Front politics.




Fox Nation turns five years old this week. We compiled some of their most insane headlines. 

Fox News is a propaganda tool used by the power structure to manipulate the collective mind of the public into thinking the way they want the public to think. It is used to tell you what to be afraid of and to value meaningless irrelevant events. It’s psychological warfare. That’s what people like John Stewart should point out in The Daily Show instead of this sugar-coated joke game he’s got going on that makes people think this is funny and not serious.






Bees are nature’s 3D printer

this makes me fucking mad, look how little space they have, look how they are pushed against each other, but oh no lets look how pretty they made their hive

They’re bees …

I’m not as upset about the space as I am the fact that they were smoked. 

Bees will form a nice little equilibrium with the space they’re given. Set up a larger alternative space closeby, and once they’ve finished the sculpture they’ll swarm. The queen will stop laying and the workers will find the new space and they’ll migrate over. Remove the mold carefully and the others will follow. That’s it. No smoke is necessary; it’s just an asshole thing to do.








How dare you.

You might not approve of some of the military decisions made by anybody, but that does not mean we should not support the people who sacrifice their lives for us on a daily basis.

I will always support the troops.

congratulations you are very wrong! the united states military (the navy especially) is the lynchpin for american/western european imperialism throughout the world and as such it the troops do not “sacrifice” for you or me but rather kill to further western domination and extraction of raw materials and because of this it is encouraged to poke fun at them via snapchats

yes haha fuck the soliders who join the army in the need of affording education! Those imperalist fucks! They’re to blame for western domination; the kids who can barely read at a college level. You sure showed them!!! Stick it to man!!!

Naaaah, fuck them too really though. 

No education is worth the lives of other exploited peoples. 

I mean, if they killed a few CEOs, maybe a president. Or hell, blew up some handfuls of their fellow imperialists, give the kid a a degree.

Shoot, torture, maim, which you’re statistically likely to do, and you should just go stand behind a jet.